Privacy and cookie


This privacy and cookie policy describes the principles of handling of personal data and using cookies and other technologies on the Web page


Company information

The Web page administrator is Michał Bednarczyk. Contact the administrator at or 508 128 343.


For the purpose of this privacy policy, the following definitions shall apply:
1. Administrator – Michał Bednarczyk.
2. Web page – the Web page available at User – any entity using the Web page.

Personal data

1. The User may provide the Administrator with their personal data using the forms available on the Web page, including their e-mail address.
2. The personal data controller of the User is the Administrator.
3. Data provided to the Administrator including the e-mail address is processed for the purpose to send to the User information concerning the services rendered via the Web page Processing of your personal data takes place on the basis of art. 6 GDPR and for marketing purposes, and the Personal Data Controller hereby refers to its legitimate interest, which consists of Web analytics and website access analysis.
5. The Administrator hereby warrants confidentiality of personal data submitted.
6. Submission of data is always voluntary, albeit necessary for the User to take the actions associated with a given form.
7. The Administrator shall not make the data submitted available to any third party.
8. Personal data is gathered with due diligence and properly protected against access by unauthorized persons.
9. The User shall be granted the following rights:
the right to demand access to their data, rectification, removal or limitation of processing of the data,
the right to object against data processing,
the right to transfer the data,
the right to withdraw their consent for processing of personal data for a specific purpose, if such content has been given
the right to complain to the supervision authority in association with processing of personal data by the Administrator
10. The Administrator hereby informs the User that personal data submitted including the e-mail is transferred to H88 by recording such data on the server. This entity warrants confidentiality of data saved in its databases.
11. The Administrator hereby informs the User that processing of their personal data is entrusted to the following entities: H88 S.A. with a registered office in Poznań ul. Franklina Roosevelta 22, 60-829 Poznań, NIP: 7822622168 – for the purpose of storage of personal data on the server.


1. The Administrator uses cookie files, which are small text files, saved on the User’s terminal equipment (e.g. a computer, tablet, smart phone). Cookies can be read by the IT system of the Administrator.
2. The Administrator stores cookies in the terminal equipment of the User and then gets access to information contained therein for statistical purposes, for marketing purposes (re-marketing) and in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Web page.
3. The Administrator hereby informs the User that their Web browser can be configured to prevent cookie storage on the terminal equipment of the User. In such case, use of the Web page by the User may be hindered.
4. The Administrator hereby informs that cookies can be removed by the User after having been saved by the Administrator by using the appropriate Web browser functions, dedicated software or appropriate tools available in the User’s operating system.

Other technologies

The Administrator hereby informs the User that it applies the following technologies to track User activity on the Web page:
Facebook – for the purpose of managing Facebook advertising and for re-marketing purposes,
a Google Analytics tracking code – for the purpose of analysis of the Web page statistics.

Server logs

1. Use of the Web page is associated with inquires sent to the server, on which the Web page is stored.
2. Every inquiry addressed to the server is stored in the server log. The logs include the User IP address, server date and time, Web browser and operating system information of the User.
3. The logs are saved and stored on the server.
4. Data saved in the server logs are not matched with specific persons using the Web page and are not used by the Administrator for the purpose of identification of the User.
5. Server logs constitute exclusively auxiliary materials to support the Web page administration processes, and their content shall not be disclosed to any person other than persons authorized to manage the server.